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Great Idea

How often have you had a great idea and then forgot all about it. Many inventors had some great ideas but did something different, they would write down their ideas otherwise they would also forget what they envisioned.

Most of us have some really crazy dreams throughout the night. When a certain subject is thought about the same night just before you go to sleep, your mind sometimes creates those visions through dreams. The best thing you can do is to if you wake up in the middle of the night and write down what you just saw.

Another way to find ideas is to brain storm with other people. It is a good idea to talk with someone else to share ideas with and open your mind to new and different things you have not thought about before. Many big companies have these type of meetings to get other people’s opinions. This can have a great effect in the right atmosphere.

When you can create the right environment and atmosphere for people to be creative, you will hear some off the wall ideas. There have been many ideas suggested in the past that people turned down but it was persistence that turned the idea into reality.

Just because someone tells you no that they don’t like your idea doesn’t mean that everyone does not like your idea. There may be people that love your idea and some that don’t because everyone has different tastes in what their interests are.

Never give up on your dream no matter how crazy or thoughtless others may lead you to believe. Always be persistent and you can achieve much success.

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