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Ireland Trip Part 1


I have always wanted to travel to Ireland after seeing all the beautiful pictures of green grass and large mountains with cliffs falling into the Irish Seas. Since my last name is Finnigan, how could I not want to go visit? After having gone to visit Ireland, my advice to anyone interested in knowing their roots or where they came from history wise, I totally recommend that you go visit the country from where your family originated. I will give you tips and suggestions of things to do when in Ireland based upon my experience of just recently traveled to the land of green grass and castles.

My friend works for an airline and he had a trip planned out for us to go visit Ireland. When you fly standby, you have to check the boarding totals to determine if you can even make the flight over seas or not. Since there is only one flight into Dublin, Ireland it is always best for us to have a backup plan to fly somewhere else. Otherwise, we would have had to spend the night in the states and lose another vacation day. This is the life of flying standby when working for the airlines. We thought that if we at least got into Europe that we could at lease take a train or ferry to our final destination. Since we had 6 of us in our group that was going and also makes it more difficult to fly standby, we decided that the flight to Dublin looked way too full and that we had a better chance flying into London, England. We all got on the flight to London without any issues and arrived early in the morning London time which happens to be six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

After we arrived in London, we all went to pickup our luggage in the baggage claim area. We then took an hour long train ride to the main train station which the next train from the main station took 5-6 hours to the dock where we took a ferry over to Dublin, Ireland. We were all expecting the ferry to be the size of the ferries you would see in Seattle. Wow, were we so wrong. The ferry we took was the size of a small cruise ship. Once we arrived in Dublin, we took a taxi to the car rental place. We realized that driving over there in Ireland was totally different than back home in the U.S. since the drivers seat was on the right side and we actually had a stick shift on the left of the driver side.

My advice is to get the full insurance with your car rental since driving on the other side of the road is not normal for vehicle drivers in the States. If you can afford the extra money or if you do not know how to drive a stick shift, then get an automatic to drive since it will be much easier.

TIP: When driving on the right side of the road, you will want to keep the right side of the vehicle close to the lines of the middle of the road. It is basically reverse of what you might be used to when driving normally on the left side of the road.

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