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Starting Your Day

I’m sure you have heard that we control our own destiny which I believe is a true statement. We have the power to control our own actions. When you wake up in the morning, you decide on what type of day you will have.

For instance, once you awaken for the day and you get up to start your daily routine, you can decide if your mood for the day will be happy or maybe you will be grouchy all day long. There are ways to help you stay focused on being positive and having a better day.

Try keeping pictures of positive statements on your wall at home and preferably notes in your bathroom. When you surround yourself with positive thoughts throughout the day, you will naturally tend to be more positive towards other people. Spending time with other positive people helps keep your mood in check throughout the day.

Listening to motivational speakers an hour a day can help who you become in life. Anthony Robins is a great motivational speaker and all you have to do is get a cd of your favorite speaker and listen to them in your car everyday on your way into work.

You can even create a discussion group online or in person and create another way to have a party. Who wouldn’t want to go to a party where everyone is in a good mood?

You may want to hang some pictures of inspirational things around your home. When you can connect to a picture in a positive way, it will have an emotional connection which can effect you throughout the day.

One of the best affirmations for you to see is yourself in the best mood possible. Try recording yourself on video when you are in a great mood and nothing seems to bother you that day. When you have days which may not seem so great, you can always look back at how much fun you were having and you will start to see your mood change for the better.

Happy people tend to have a smile on their face. Try it sometime it can become contagious.

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