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Vacation Time

Everyone needs to take time off throughout the year to unwind and recharge those batteries. Do you remember those trips with mom and dad when you were a kid? We loaded up the car and drove everywhere. I never did fly on a plane until my day had come where I went to boot camp over 3,000 miles away from home for the very first time.

Of course gas prices where a lot cheaper back then compared to the increase of today’s oil prices. I used to read my comic books and color books in the back seat with my brother. My parents were always going somewhere to visit people and to get away for vacation also.

As i get older and travel from place to place, I wonder how my parents were able to put up with us kids going camping and visiting old friends. Traveling today has become more intense than when we traveled years ago. There are so many fun places to go and see.

One of my favorite things to do is go on a cruise ship. You have everything right there on the ship you will ever need while on vacation. My next favorite place to visit is going to an all inclusive resort where all of your entertainment, food and drinks are covered. Just remember to ask for the top shelf liquor or they will always give you the cheap stuff.

One tip I picked up by going to an all inclusive resort is that the straws they give you are very small and they seem to crimp the straw making it harder to sip your drink. So when I got back home, I realized that McDonalds makes a huge straw because they want you to drink faster. So guess what I take with me to the resort when I travel next time?

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